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New Home Construction Inspection

A new home inspection is identical to any other inspection we would do on an older home. However, don’t confuse a home inspection with a building inspection. The building inspector is not looking at the quality of the work but checking for code violations which are not the same thing. A detailed assessment prior to occupancy of a new property is recommended to ensure the builder has followed through on all the times in the contract. The National Building Code mandates minimum building standards, so an inspection will make you aware of potential issues.

A New Home Construction Inspection provides a thorough analysis of the major components, systems and structures of the home. We use the latest technologies including infrared cameras, moisture meters and radon measurement devices.

Our clients are invited to be present during the inspection for a better understanding of any defects that are found and to learn how to manage and maintain various components of the house.

At Carter Inspection Services Ltd. our home inspection will include a complete and thorough written report. Every report is clear and concise with numerous pictures providing observations and recommendations. A complete list of inspected areas include: